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Get ready to transform your perspective on your manuscript, bring out the very best in your story, and feel so damn proud of what you've accomplished!

Need help deciding what service is right for you? Get in touch! I'd love to help. 

Manuscript Evaluation

Are you wondering if your book has that addictive, engaging, grabs-you-and-doesn't-let-go quality that you love in the books you read? Maybe you're feeling worried that the world-building isn't seamless, is heavy handed, or is incomplete in some way. Or perhaps the question lurking in your mind is whether or not your characters are believable, three-dimensional, or even interesting.


These kinds of doubts can worm their way into your heart and make you doubt the value of your novel. They can even make you wonder if it's worth it to put in the effort to publish and market this story that you've already dedicated so much of yourself and your time to.


But imagine knowing that the elements in your story are all working as effectively as possible and feeling so confident that your book is engaging, exciting, and effortless to read.


Well that's exactly what you get with my manuscript evaluation service. This service is your solution for story-level issues. It provides specific insights into what is working well and what could be working better, actionable advice about how to correct for less-than-effective story elements, and tried-and-tested methods for connecting with your readers.


With this service you'll receive an extensive, detailed, customized evaluation document. This editorial letter will help you make strategic revisions to your manuscript, while preserving the essential voice and style of your story and your characters. You'll learn how to pace your story so it is engaging and satisfying, how to craft swoon-worthy characters with undeniable chemistry, and how to build a world that feels expansive and immersive without being overwhelming.


Does this sound like what you and your story need? Request your personalized proposal today!

Rate: Starts at $15/1000 words

Manuscript Evaluation

Line Editing

Beautiful, captivating, take-a-moment-and-then-read-it-again writing is effortless to read but requires so much skill to accomplish. And when you've read so many stunning novels, and you're comparing your own work to the authors you love, it can feel like your writing will never have that same effect on your readers.


And it can be paralyzing to feel like you'll never be able to publish a book with writing that inspires readers to gasp, swoon, or just gaze off into the distance for a moment before diving back in.


But what if there was someone who could make a suggestion here, an adjustment there, and bring out the very best in your words? Imagine opening up your manuscript and reading your words, but better. Your characters' voices, but more authentic. Your writing taken to the next level of artistry and skill.


That? That's exactly what line editing is all about. It's not about correcting errors; it's about elevating the style of your writing, clarifying your voice, and delivering the kind of writing to your readers that goes down smooth and lingers long after they've finished reading.


In your line edited manuscript, marked up with Track Changes so you have the final say in every edit, you'll see edits made to address things like:

  • overwriting

  • clichés

  • head hopping

  • stilted, unrealistic, or inauthentic dialogue

  • repetitive sentence structure

  • filter words

  • and any number of other things that don't serve the mood, tone, or emotional impact of your story


If this sounds like the effect you want your writing to have on your readers, request your FREE sample line edit today and see what this looks like in your story.


Rate: Starts at $25/1000 words

Line Editing


Let's be honest, high school English was a long time ago, and grammar and punctuation rules are complicated. But that doesn't stop folks from knocking a star off of a review for typos and errors. And can I let you in on a secret? The standards for grammar in published works are a whole different thing than what you learned in English class.


Even aside from those less-than-stellar reviews, issues with grammar, usage, and punctuation can get in the way of your readers' experience of your story. An incorrect word can change the meaning of a whole sentence, and an eagle-eyed reader can be distracted by a misplaced modifier or comma splice.


Luckily for you, I strongly believe that you have more important things to think about than whether you need a comma there. You have built an entire world, let me take care of all these fiddly details so you can focus on all the other aspects of writing and publishing a book.


My copyediting service is about addressing exactly these kinds of mechanical issues without sacrificing your voice or style in favor of the rules. If you want to bend some rules, I want to help you do it effectively. The goal of a copyedit is to ensure that your book says what you want to say, precisely how you want to say it, and does so with clarity.


This service includes two full passes through your manuscript, time for you to review and accept or adjust any edits I’ve made, and a final clean-up pass where I will incorporate your approved edits and edit any added text. In your copyedited manuscript, marked up with Track Changes for full transparency, you'll see edits addressing:

  • verb tense, person, and mood

  • subject/verb agreement

  • syntax

  • punctuation

  • dangling and misplaced modifiers

  • homonyms

  • consistency in character details

  • and so many other mechanical details


If you have to choose only one editing service, this is the one to choose because it is so easy to overlook these sorts of errors when you are as close to a text as you are to your book. If you want to feel confident that your readers will have a smooth reading experience, request your FREE sample copyedit today.


Rate: Starts at $20/1000 words

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After you've dedicated so much to writing, marketing, and publishing your book, I can only imagine that you want to deliver the most professional final product to your reader. Something that shows on every page how invested you are in your craft and your reputation as an indie author.


Because while you and I both know that indie publishing is the real deal, that doesn't stop other folks from doubting the legitimacy of a self-published book.


Proofreading is the final pass that aims to catch any lingering errors that have slipped through the cracks or been introduced during formatting. It's the last professional touch that will help your book stand out in the crowd. This is a service performed on a book that has already been formatted for publication and it aims to catch:

  • doubled or transposed letters

  • missing commas

  • quotes or apostrophes facing the wrong way

  • orphans and widows

  • and any other fine-grain errors that have slipped through the cracks


Proofreading is best performed by someone other than the copyeditor, because a fresh set of eyes is more likely to catch those little errors. If you want to wrap your book up in a bow and present the most professional version of your work to your readers, request your personalized proposal today!


Rate: Starts at $10/1000 words

I tend to write very spicy books, and I always had trouble finding someone I felt comfortable with, but Anna was so wonderful...and I am already booking her for my next book!

As an indie author, it is easy to get stuck in a rut if you trust your manuscript to the wrong person, I have been there too! But I can guarantee that Anna will not only edit your work, but you are bound to end up with something way better than you left off.

Elle Mae


Feeling like you need more than one service to bring out the best in your book? Well I've got the best news for you!


When you book one of my editing packages, not only do you get to work with one editor through multiple rounds of editing—ensuring a consistent hand guiding you through revisions and edits—you also get a nice little discount!


Take a look and see if one of my editing packages is right for you.

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Anna’s editorial services were just what I needed to put the shine back into my writing. Her editing experience and gifted imagination helped me tell the story with the reader’s perspective first on her mind. Anna is so easy to work with and shares ideas that will help make your manuscript exactly what you intend it to be.


Kevin Irwin

Frequently Asked Questions

How many passes do you do in a copyedit?

Two full passes plus one pass after you review and approve my edits to clean up and finalize the manuscript.


How many passes do you do in a line edit?

I do one read through to familiarize myself with your story and your style and one pass of edits.


What references do you use?

I use the Chicago Manual of Style and Merriam-Webster online dictionary, which are the industry standard for fiction publishing in the US.


Do you require a deposit to book?

Yes. 50% of the project rate is required to hold a spot in my calendar.


Do you offer payment plans?

I do! I’m happy to personalize a payment plan for you, and there are a few ways they can work. The long and short of it is that 50% holds a date in my calendar and the full balance needs to be paid before the edited manuscript is returned to you. Beyond that, we can find a schedule and a monthly payment that works for you.


Will you tell me why you’ve made the edit you have?

Absolutely! I love to talk grammar, craft, and language, so I’m happy to explain whatever you’d like. One of the benefits of a sample edit is that we can work together to determine what level of explanation you’d like in the text itself.


What if I need to reschedule?

I understand that life happens, and sometimes you just can’t make a deadline. Out of respect for that, I allow one no-penalty rescheduling per project as long as you give me at least 21-days’ notice.


Get in Touch!

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Or, if you need help making a choice, send me a message! I'd love to help. 🖤

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