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I was so nervous to send her my novel. I felt so out of place, so awkward, so trite. But Anna brushed all those things aside and gave me confidence and a beautifully smoothed out book. 


—Ravven White

Have you worked with an editor before?

I'll be in touch!

*  Due to the nature of the service, manuscript evaluations, and formatting don't allow for sample edits. If you are interested in one of these services, please tell me about your project, and I will be delighted to offer you a customized quote.


Every manuscript is different, so pricing depends on the service we agree on and the complexity of the project. 

When I return your 1000-word sample edit to you, I will provide you with a quote based your manuscript's needs as well as a timeline for completion.

My rates adhere to the Northwest Editors Guild Rates Chart.

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