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Copyediting focuses on the mechanics of writing. In a copyedit, I will apply and maintain mechanical consistency in verb tense, person, and mood; in syntax and sentence structure; and in grammar, punctuation, and spelling.


I will also create (or update) a style sheet to ensure consistency in capitalization, hyphenation, and other style choices.

Targeted Beta Reading

Targeted beta reading (also known as sensitivity reading) is a service focusing on the authentic representation of specific groups of people.


When I do a beta read, I am looking to make sure there is no unintentionally harmful or biased language in descriptions of characters that are queer women.


There are several options for the deliverable of this service:

  • A 2-5 page editorial letter  after your manuscript is complete. (Can be an add-on or stand-alone service.)

  • Consultation during the planning stage of your process.

  • General consultation.


Proofreading is the last step before a manuscript goes to print (or epublisher, as the case may be) after it has been through at least one round of editing and has been formatted.


This is when I will check that there are no typos that have been introduced as the manuscript has been revised, edited, transferred, and formatted. Doubled letters, missing commas, orphans, widows, and end-of-line hyphens in the middle of lines are the targets of a proofread.


Ready to make your manuscript into a book? Manuscripts can be formatted for :

  • Kindle

  • Kobo

  • Apple

  • Nook

  • Google 

  • Generic EPUB

  • Print on demand services

Sample Edit

You've poured your heart and soul into this manuscript, and I know trusting an editor with your work is a huge ask. How do you know they will treat your manuscript the way you want it to be treated?  

A complimentary sample edit is a great way to test the waters before you take the plunge. I'll edit 1,000 words from your manuscript so you can see how I would address your work. If you like what you see, we can talk about moving forward on your project. If you don't, no hard feelings!


Before we begin
  • You submit your manuscript as an MS Word document.

  • I edit 1,000 words and return it to you with a quote for the full project. 

After you accept
  • You pay 50% of the project cost.

  • I complete the first round of edits using Track Changes.

  • You make any additional edits, respond to questions, and return the document to me.

Finishing touches
  • I incorporate any notes and changes you have made.

  • I complete a final clean-up to ensure your manuscript is ready to go.

  • After the balance is paid, you receive your edited manuscript. 


Ready to get started?

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