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Have a look...

So what can you expect if you decide to work with me? Well, I'll let you have a look for yourself. Below, you'll see an example of the kind of edits I do, and the sorts of explanations you can expect, when you book a copyediting service with me.

Untitled design-9.png

A couple things you might want to make note of:

  • I use Tracked Changes,  so you can see exactly what I've done and reject my edit if you don't like it. The final say is always yours.

  • I tell you why  I've made the edits I have. There's no secret about my suggestions and if you want to correct the issue in a different way than I have, you know exactly what I was trying to address.

  • I don't enforce rules for the sake of enforcing them. If something is a stylistic choice (like a comma that is not grammatically necessary but also is not negatively impacting readability), I'll point it out so you know,  but I won't remove it.

  • All of my editing practices are intended to help you make informed decisions about your writing. I want to use my knowledge to empower you to elevate your story in the way that makes sense for you. 

Does this look like the kind of editing you'd like in your life? I'd love to show you how my copyediting service could positively impact your story with a FREE 1000-word sample edit. Hit the button below to get started. 

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